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Join the Travel Bug Club

Join the Travel Bug Club to travel to destinations unknown, throughout the world. There is a Travel Bug Club in most major centres that will be opening soon. We take you to destinations to discover, explore and experience what you would like your customers or readers to enjoy and book for their next holiday, event or wedding. Click here to join and Read more....


Live Stream events

Would you like your event to be livestreamed? Your customers interviewed and the event re-broadcasted world wide?  You can contact us and we will be there to ensure the entire world hears you and your customers or team members.We come on site, connect to the internet and advertise your event ahead of time. Our bouquet of stations will carry the highlights.

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Did you miss a show?

Check our podcast channel. If not there, they can be requested from the presenter themselves. All shows are podcast within 3 weeks of the show as we re-stream for 2 weeks before putting our shows out to pasture.  The shows are streamed at different times on different days so that you are able to catch it when you missed it the first time! Check the schedules on each of the channels and set a reminder. Click here to find your podcast.

What’s your opinion?

Once a week we have a panel discussion, live and in studio. We have a panel of people from all walks of life covering topics that most are uncomfortable talking about.  Our channel, Uncomfortable Conversations, is a great platform for these topics and we invite listeners and panel experts alike to talk about those topics most people stay away from.  Join us every Thursday for a lively and entertaining discussion. Starts 18 November 6-8pm.

Be a part of our team

Would you like to join the SA Commuter Radio team?  Are you a podcaster or fancy yourself as a live DJ. Auditions are always open and when applying you must know your subject. We are a fully licenced radio station but mostly for talk shows. We have our specialist music DJ’s and they are perfect for our station. We need good podcasters as all of our stations use recordings due to the nature of the internet not always behaving itself.  Apply here.

Who is SA Commuter Radio

SA Commuter Radio is an online platform that reaches everyone. From 6am to 6pm we stream live, then we re-broadcast our awesome content to reach audiences worldwide during their morning. We then switch over to live at 6am the next morning. Weekends are for education, music and religion and re-broadcast.

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Mobile App

SA Commuter Radio has developed a Mobile app to make it easier for you to listen to any of the bouquet of stations available. You can download the app which works on either Apple or Android and you can find it here .  It works beautifully on your mobile or tablet! Once its downloaded you can choose your station or choose your show. By the end of November you will be able to schedule notifications to remind you to listen.

Online Store

Welcome to the online store of SA Commuter Radio. As we are constantly raising funds for the radio and the team as well as for good causes, we now have an online store where you are welcome to come and purchase the items we have on sale. There are all types of products available, from wines to online vouchers as well as the unique style of headbands, designed and made by CEO, Geniene Preston.  You can also order our range of vegan and vegetarian dips which are delivered free of charge in the JHB and Pretoria area. The store will be opening soon!

The world of online radio is like the internet and social media. It allows us to reach an audience that is in the deepest, largest, smallest, highest reaches of the world.  And our radio is no different. With South Africans living around the world and with us being such fabulous and enriching, generous people, we welcome everyone into our world of being a South African.

Our internet radio gives us the ability to ensure that not only do we broadcast live, but we also use worldwide and international servers to bring you a constant stream of “greatness”.  The shows are streamed at different times to give everyone around the world the opportunity to listen when it works for them.

We stream live 10-6pm South African time daily and repeat twice to ensure that everyone has a chance to hear the shows live. We then rotate our scheduled shows onto the weekend in case you missed any of them. In the specialist stations we offer a rotation of shows throughout the week so that you can catch your favourite shows. Our Mobile app allows you to listen in your car, while you walk or run or cycle or ride the open road on a motorcycle. Its up to you.  We don’t want you to spent your time looking at your mobile and not at the world. We want those that are not mobile to enjoy our range of specialist stations.

Shows are not interrupted by advertising and these are only between shows.  They are limited to one in 5 songs so as not to disturb your listening. We want to see you rock to the music and smile with the memories our shows offer you.

Enjoy everything we have to offer and most of all, tell everyone about our unique approach and great brand of background music. We are fully licenced and can accept music and podcasts of all genre’s, tastes and creeds. Contact us on and submit your ideas. We would love to hear them.

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All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

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