Alex MacPhail – High Performance Teams

Thursday 17h00-19h00 / Repeat Friday 05h00-07h00 & Sunday 07h00-09h00

I’m a former Air Force display pilot, international airline pilot, turned entrepreneur and podcaster. My show, High Performance Teams has achieved a Top 5% of global podcasts within 10 months. I’m a family man, I love making new friends, enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors.

I love sharing the insights of High Performance Teams. I have been involved in High Performance Teams for more than 25 years, including:

* Silver Falcons – Formation Aerobatic Team
* International Airline Pilot
* Military Flying Instructor
* The National Sea Rescue Institute NSRI
* Aerial Reconnaissance – Command & Control
* Maritime Patrol – Search and Rescue

High Performance Teams use INCREMENTAL GAINS, in order to deliver in the greatest arena. These three steps, help them achieve that:

1️⃣ – Thorough preparation.
2️⃣ – Execute with precision.
3️⃣ – Review & improve performance.

I love Being in Teams, Talking with Teams, Celebrating Teams and Training Teams. Do you want to improve your team’s performance? Please, connect with me, let’s set up a talk with your team. I am available for the following:

* Keynote Address – next quarterly or year-end function – 60 min with Q&A
* Training program – Delivering principles of Incremental Gains
* Brand Ambassador – Sharing your message of High Performance Teams
* LinkedIn MasterClass

I looking forward to connecting. Please add a note. Send me an email today –

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