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(Dawn also presents on our Travel Channel)

Dawn Denton is a UK based Multipotentialite who hates onions.  She is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, trainer, public speaker and a TEDx licence holder. She trained as a Physical Education and Geography teacher in South Africa and did a correspondence degree in International Relations and Diplomacy through Unisa. Dawn trains in the tourism industry, runs a membership community for solopreneurs (to learn how to create content), and delivers the government Kickstart scheme to help young people get into work and develop a climate project in their workplace. She is proudly South African and runs Southern African markets in the South West of England to support her community and introduce the world to our wonderful Southern African culture. Dawn lives in the market town of Frome, Somerset in the UK in an 18th century house with her British other half and their beautiful dog Doris.

Dawn’s life moto is:

“It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” Nelson Mandela

Destination Dawn

The human soul is curious.  Exploration is part of who we are, and Destination Dawn is about our amazing planet and her interesting people. Dawn’s knowledge and passion for the tourism industry comes from having led tour groups across Europe, UK, Ireland, the Balkans, and working on cruise ships in the Mediterranean and Russia. She also trained as a walking tour guide in the City of London.

Meeting people, sharing their story, learning more about new destinations and celebrating some tenuous music links…that’s what life and Destination Dawn is all about.

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