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The world is once again a place where events are taking place on a daily basis. And Event Radio has been designed to do just that. Not only do we attend your live events, but we can also do a virtual stream of a live event or the recordings after the event. As we are radio and not television, we are limited to the video stream being available on our youtube channel. Thanks to the uniqueness of SA Commuter Radio, we offer live or recorded streams of audio.

For notifications on added videos, please feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel here. 

Our Audio stations are currently being processed for you to subscribe to your favourite shows and events, and to be notified when it happens. All in good time. We invite you to invite those who cannot attend your event, because they are driving, walking, singing, dancing, and keeping their eyes fixed to the beauty of a new world, to listen to the audio. They can experience your event as a blind person would. More thought to how audio affects the visual content can now be given because of all those who cannot see or who are doing something else at the time of the event.

Enjoy an article that was written by our president, Geniene Preston, on Audio, the new visual, in the Blue Monkey magazine section of our website or click on the article link to download the PDF. Audio – The new Visual(1)(1).

There are so many reasons to be a part of our event radio and all of them you can see in the gallery above. Should you want us to attend your event, contact geniene@sacommuter.co.za or we can link to your open webinar and stream either live or a recording or both.  As we restream often to reach an international audience, we will advise you of the times.  Of course with the load shedding issues we face in South Africa, its often better to get a recording from you and restream a few hours afterward as we upload onto our international servers and play it from there within a few hours of the event. If the line is stable we can do live events from your premises and interview your guests or clients ie at an expo.

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All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

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