Jason Fiddler – The Reel Jason

Wednesday 17h00-19h00
  • Thursday 05h00-07h00
  • Sunday 10h00-12 Midnight
  • Monday 07h00-09h00

(Jason is often travelling and as a result Life is a Beach with Geniene Preston, shares this time slot from time to time)

Solutionsmith, activist, actor, speaker, comedian, photographer, filmmaker, writer, designer; Jason Fiddler is a renowned multi-tasking proponent of travel, human rights and creativity.

Jason’s show, The Reel Jason orientates around inciteful, entertaining, wide ranging interviews with musicians and artists, travel professionals, writers and authors, activists and auteurs. Tackling even the most serious subjects with good humour and empathy, Jason manages to engage in unique and uplifting ways those with whom he chats to.

Facebook:        @TheReelJason

Instagram:        @jasonjlfiddler

Podcasts:        https://www.iono.fm/c/6590



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All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

SA Commuter Radio

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