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SA Commuter Radio is so unique as it has many stations that are special interest stations giving the listener the opportunity of enjoying the subject they love most, or would like to get to know or even to learn something new. We are a bouquet of stations with SA Commuter being a collaboration of them all.

Our music is the kind of music we all know and love and can sing along even when driving or at a Kareoke.  Our team is made up of people from around the world and here you can meet them and find out more about their programming. Each station has its own set of presenters and information and if you click on any of the stations below, it will take you to the schedule and where you can meet the presenter.

Find a full presentation about our wonderful company by clicking here and downloading the PDF of the SA Commuter Radio Company Presentation.  The following documents are available on request do to public documentation being copied and used fraudulently.

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  • Company Registration
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SA Commuter Radio

2 weeks 1 hour ago

All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

SA Commuter Radio

2 weeks 4 days ago