WELCOME TO THE III – Inventors and Innovators Institute

Do you need help with something you invented? Do you have an idea and now you’re not sure about what to do next? If so, You’ve come came to the right place. Let us assist you.

SA Commuter Radio is a proud associate of the III in South Africa and we broadcast the club nights twice a week. Find podcasts of these club nights on our podcast channel Look out for more about our association and what SA Commuter and the III do together to bring a glimmer of hope to inventors and innovators. Together we have built and continue to build, the Let’s Invent Channel.


Essentially this is a confidential service (we all work with signed NDAs) for members only that gives an inventor the chance to interrogate, pitch and present a business concept or product to a Panel of professionals and subject specialists.

The III Inventors Club

Friendly and welcoming the III Inventors Club meets the first three Wednesdays in a month from 17h30-18h30 SAST. Each week has a different theme and interesting and useful talks and discussions, specifically arranged for Inventors, take place.

Support Services

In 2022 Eureka!NEWS our monthly NEWSLETTER and Inventors’ Tip Sheet will give way for our Blog (we think of note!) The Members only WhatsAPP group will keep you informed and current on events, cont.acts, service providers, inventing opportunities and networking and our thought-provoking ARTICLES should make for interesting reading.


SA Commuter Radio

1 week 6 days ago

All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

SA Commuter Radio

2 weeks 4 days ago