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Click on any of the shows below you want to know more about or when its scheduled to play during the week. The players listed above give you listening options!

SA Commuter radio is a wonderful array of various subjects, and great content produced by presenters from around the world.  Each one has a unique way of presenting their program whether it be music, business, learning, parenting or travel.  Their interviews are fun and easy to listen to and the music is chosen so that you can sing along.

Download the app or simply listen on line. Either way you will love what we have to offer. Unlike other online stations, we take our lineup seriously and with great content to suit South Africans worldwide.  You can contact each of the presenters on their own email addresses listed within their show schedules.

SA Commuter Radio

1 week 6 days ago

All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

SA Commuter Radio

2 weeks 4 days ago