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On the couch with Lindi

About the presenter

Lindi Tshabangu is an introvert, who loves to hear success stories about how people made it in life. Her passion is listening to the radio. So, you will find her listening to all radio, including foreign stations. Even though she has no clue what is being said, the flow and way the presenters conduct themselves is interesting to her. She gets to pick up tricks and learn. Her love for reading and listening to classical and choral music can only be done through radio.

About the show

Lindi Tshabangu, is one of our most experienced presenters. She asks “Where is the most comfortable place in the house, office, or even on holiday to just sit back and take in the world, of business or play around? Of course, it’s the couch! Join Lindi On The Couch, as we unpack what and who makes the world go round every Monday between 5 and 6pm on SA Commuter Radio”




Join us this week at the Travel Indaba in Durban for some great interviews!
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