Type: Media Category: Innovative

Motivation for award: Tourism and being a South African is one of the key reasons to be a part of our return to being a great destination.

Region: Nationwide / Worldwide

About the South Africa Tourism Awards

So why have we created this platform? Well after nearly 2 year of crisis for the tourism industry, it brings us great pleasure to bring in some positivity. You are invited to enter your tourism business into “The South Africa Tourism Awards” These awards are here to recognise and reward tourism businesses who work passionately to improve South Africa as a tourist destination. At the same time its about adding some positivity back into our sector and creating some destination awareness. Its about encouraging more people to explore our magnificently beautiful backroads. You choose that category that suits your business. Entry is free and there is zero commission charged on any bookings. The entries so far have all been nominated by the public.




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