Travel Bug Club

Welcome to the Travel Bug Club.

The club is designed to bring the fun back into site inspections and venue visits for Marketing Managers/Directors, PCO’s and PA’s who work with their team’s travel arrangements. Its also designed for travel media both online (must have a reasonable following to be considered) and in print or on TV.  Your initial application is required to be completed and once approved, you will be invoiced for the annual fee of R200.00.  Our first event is always free and designed to get your juices flowing for the new year when our visits reach up to two or three a month.

To join you need to be a marketing manager or director, a PCO, PA who books events,travel agent or tour operator,  travel and accommodation, a travel writer or show producer, event or wedding co ordinator and if an online influencer, you will need to have a great following. Click on one of the following options :

  • I want to be a member of the club (use the subscribe button below)
  • I want to have my own chapter of the club (EMail CEO)
  • I want my venue/activity etc to be a part of one of the site visit experiences (Email CEO)

A few notes to remember. Some venue or site inspections will require more information that we have and you will be asked to provide that before being accepted. Belonging to the club is not a guarantee the venue or activity will accept you as there is a limit to how many they can accommodate so its up to them who they accept.  Each activity is published with an invite to apply and then your application goes through to the venue. Bribery is not acceptable, Apologies but it is up to them.

Some house rules include all drinks are for your own account and you are expected to settle it on departure.  (In some cases the host will include drinks but you will be advised – on our first event of the year, some drinks are on the house – just to get you in the travel mood! But do have someone to drive you home or Uber if you plan on more than one glass of wine). When visiting venues, you will be expected to attend all site visits and activities planned.  Bad behaviour in any format, does mean that we can’t have you back in the club.

The club is designed to get us all back in the mood for travel, incentives and other forms of travel and a new addition is the Radio. SA Commuter Radio has an event and a travel channel and we do live cross overs from these events. So be prepared for a 10 minute “brag”. Prizes awarded to those who get more listeners to the radio….. So get ready to have some fun.

Click on the subscribe button and it will take you to the application form if you haven’t already completed it!

In the past we have visited Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the UK.  Locally we have visited the following venues (all visits are covered in the magazine and on social media as well as on radio).

  • Anbear Lodge
  • Lanzerac
  • Indaba Hotel
  • Misty Hills
  • Mount Grace

and many more, including their activities.  In the coming weeks I will be uploading the PDF’s of all the visits we did.

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All our stations are launching tv stations this month. Does anyone who is a radio presenter or who has a radio station have their shows

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